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My On-Line Boutiques

***for the following links, please make sure to follow Danbythesea (in little blue writing), as there are many artists there***

-click the blue links below to reach my shops-  - this is where you will find the most of my photos
All the photos from my society6 boutique, can be made into the products from the sites below, simply send me a note with the name of the photo and the product (and site) you would like me to create for you, and it will be my pleasure. - this is where you will find the largest variety of products - a few photos and a nice selection of products - 25 photos available on various prints - see samples of some of the products and photos.

In Sainte-Anne-Des-Monts Quebec Canada, you can find a limited quantity of my products and photos in the boutique of the Exploramer museum, as well as a few postcards in a couple of local shops.

 Here is a sample, from my Fine Art America boutique