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 Hello and welcome to my website

After visiting this site, I invite you to come see my Facebook page for updates 

If you enjoy my work, I invite you to visit some of my on-line Boutiques
I use a variety of on-line Boutiques, that take orders, produce the products and deliver directly to you.
In return for allowing me to use their facilities, they get the majority of the proceeds,
Not the best way for me to make money, but the best way to allow me to present you with the most options
Prices and selection of products varies from one Boutique to the other, as does the amount of photos I have uploaded to each
Please know that any product, from any of my Boutiques, can be made with any of my photos.

Upon request, I will find the photo you wish and create the product of your choosing, then advise you that it is ready at the boutique of your choice, 
then you simply order directly from that Boutique and you will receive the Product that you desire.
Enjoy browsing and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

My Society6 boutique offers the largest on-line inventory of my photos, these are available on various products in my boutique: 

***All photos in my above boutique can be used for products in the following boutiques***

(simply send me a message with photo name, and I will upload it and create the product you would like)

-A very extensive list of products to choose from, with a few of my photos available in my Artsadd boutique: 

- A few of my photos and a nice series of products for you at my RedBubble boutique: 

-In my boutique at Fine Art America, you will find 25 of my photos available in many products:
A limited quantity of products are also available in the boutique of the Exploramer museum in Sainte-Anne-Des-Monts Quebec Canada

I also have a Pinterest account, with a good selection of products and photos available for your viewing :

Although I do not regularly tweet or check tweets, I do have a twitter account :

On my YouTube channel, you will find a variety of videos :

For any questions or comments, please contact me at